Frédérique Cifuentes / bio

Frederique Cifuentes

Frederique Cifuentes is a dynamic award winning documentary history and arts filmmaker, photojournalist and project manager based in London. Her work is based on trust, understanding and honesty with the subjects of her films.

She has developed & directed a number of commissions including 3 feature length documentary films, ‘Cinema in Sudan: conversations with Gadalla Gubara (52’); ‘Closer to Home, the restoration of Leighton House Museum (55’); The Jews and the longest kiss in history (80’).

She has achieved excellent results while directing and shooting documentaries and photographic features in a variety of challenging environments, including Sudan and, in complete contrast, filming one of the most finest re-gilding work during the restoration of Leighton House Museum.

She has extensive experience in project development and management with International Organizations such as UNESCO, Action Contre la Faim, UNHCR, and the French Embassy in Khartoum and delivered many quality short films for them.

She was a consultant for UNESCO, Department of Media and Communication, managing the first photographic agency in Sudan

She is a good camera operator and she has extensive experience of filming with the Sony HVR-V1 (HDV) and Canon 7D. She is an able offline editor with Final Cut Pro, having cut most of her assignments work.

Born in France in 1973, she holds a masters degree in Anthropology from the university of Paris-X Nanterre, a Postgraduate Diploma in photojournalism from the London College of Printing and a documentary film-making directing diploma from DFG's DOCLAB.