Core Services

Frederique Cifuentes specialises in film and video for museums, galleries, broadcasters, NGOs and private clients. She is also a highly skilled trained and award winning photojournalist, and a project manager for major organisations.

Frederique's core services include:

- Documentary films
- Institutional & educational films
- Archival films
- Photography stills service
- Panoramic photography
- Digitisation of negatives, slides

Frederique provides expertise, creativity and tactical guidance on every project. To achieve quality and innovation she aims to work closely with her clients.

Key skills

- Trained and skilled self-shooter using Sony HVR-V1E and Canon 7D
  • Editing skills-proficient in Final Cut Pro
  • Photoshop, InDesign CS3
- Fluent (native) French speaker


Documentary films:

Frederique produces documentaries from her own original ideas and commissioned works ranging from broadcasters, NGOs to private clients in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. She is experienced at setting up and filming in difficult and hostile environments.

She has a strong track record of conceiving, directing and editing original programs. Her ambitions are to make films that develop important issues.

She has developed & directed a number of commissions including 3 feature length documentary films, ‘Cinema in Sudan: conversations with Gadalla Gubara (52'); ‘Closer to Home, the restoration of Leighton House Museum (55'); The Jews and the longest kiss in history (80').

Frederique has a strong track record in finding and winning contributors trust and building strong human relationships. She is also skilled at creating and structuring strong narratives.

Film archives:

Film archives create a historical base. They also provide long-term resources and material for development, cultural consumption or commercial use. Films can be delivered as un-edited footage or as edited clips.



Documentary photography:

Frederique's work has been shown and published worldwide. She is a published author, journalist contributor on topics including religion, arts and migration. She has specialist religious knowledge (Sharia law, Sufism, Sephardic Judaism) and filming in Africa (Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso), the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Israel), Europe and the US.

Art photography / panoramic:

Frederique has been shooting computer-stitched panoramic interiors and landscapes. These are made by taking a series of overlapping shots and using special software to join and blend them together seamlessly. She created them to be viewed all at once, ideally in high-res output on paper.

Digitisation / 35mm / 6x6 / 6x7 / 6x9 colour & B&W negatives / slides:

Frederique can scan your negatives and 35mm slides at high resolution and save them on CD or DVD (in a choice of several different formats and sizes). She can eliminate scratches and speckles with digital ICE technology and Photoshop touch-up (colour film only), and restore the colour to faded images.

Project management

Project management:

Frederique has extensive experience in project development and management with International Organizations such as UNESCO, Action Contre la Faim, UNHCR, and the French Embassy in Khartoum and delivered many quality short films for them.

She was a consultant for UNESCO, Department of Media and Communication, managing the first photographic agency in Sudan