Leighton House Museum photographic exhibition



Closer to home

The re-opening of Leighton House Museum

A photographic exhibition and a documentary film.
15th March - 20th June 2010
by Frederique Cifuentes

This large-scale display brings together a magnificent selection of photographs and video clips taken during the refurbishment project.

It casts a unique light on one of the most remarkable restoration and conservation projects undertaken in the UK. It includes fresh discoveries and research, along with original, previously unpublished archival material offering a new assessment of Leighton House Museum.

The exhibition also offers a great opportunity to understand more about culture, history, makers and craft professionals.

Frederique Cifuentes has developed a detailed programme of photography and film to document the restoration, museum staff and the many specialists, makers and crafts professionals whose expertise has been called upon over the 18 months duration of this project.

Extensive photography and filming has been carried out on and off site to capture a comprehensive record of the project. This is the best documented restoration of the house to date and is only the second time in the 109 year history of the museum that such large-scale interventions have taken place within the historic interiors.

The refurbishment

Leighton House Museum has been closed for refurbishment since November 2008, and will re-open to the public on Saturday 3 April 2010. As a record of this historically significant event, the photographer and filmmaker Frederique Cifuentes has been commissioned by the museum to:

i) record the process for permanent archive
ii) provide an on-line video diary of work in progress
iii) provide a photographic record of work in progress
iv) create a multi-media display that will appeal to press and visiting audiences on re-opening
v) create a range of learning material that will be disseminated and promoted as widely as possible
vi) organise a photographic exhibition for the re-opening that will promote the value of crafts in the 21st century
vii) produce a commercial DVD of the project (60 minute film of the restoration project).