Sudanese Women Creators of Peace




The organisation Sudanese Mothers For Peace and Frederique Cifuentes celebrated “Africa 2005” at the British Museum by presenting portraits and testimonies of Sudanese Women from all around the Sudan and from any religious background, as part of our program “Creators of Peace”. Their mission as to recognise and to consider the role of the Sudanese Women within the peace process and within the Sudanese society.

They wanted to share their achievements and aspiration of peace with many visitors to the British Museum and The Africa-Europe Forum on Saturday 16th July 2005.

Despite what is happening in Darfur, this visual art project reflected and promoted the new peace and reconciliation process (CPA signed in January 2005). Optimism is growing amongst the Sudanese people and the international community.  Focus is shifting from the past to the future and with their traditions strong, the Sudanese women are looking to find ways of making new work as they and their country move forward.

The aim of the photographic exhibition was to expose a large public audience to the richness of the rites and customs of Sudan through the portraits of a range of Sudanese Women. The exhibition promoted the timeless aspects of Sudanese culture which transcend the political context, through the colourful and little known great religious gatherings.

Talks by Mrs Khadiga Hussein, chairman of Sudanese Mothers For Peace Organisation and Frédérique Cifuentes, the photographer and media officer of the organisation, organised at the private view.

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