Ageing well in the UK



The aim of the project is to show how older people maintain and improve the quality of their lives, recognising that they are an important resource to theirs peers and their community.

My role as a photojournalist enables me to take pictures of individuals, groups and organisations across Felixstowe, Suffolk. I chose to photograph leisure, exercice and activity for people over 60. Inactivity is the enemy of us all. Being active means different things to anyone. Some people will prefer to incorporate it into everyday tasks, other will prefer regular or recreational activity such as a class, or sequence dancing, or bowling competition or enjoying the seafront and the “chalet” lifestyle.

In the UK in 2001 there were over 10,8 millions older people. Demography indicates people are living longer, and the most defining social change taking place is the impact of longevity. This work is to make the younger generation aware of the senior population and the way that it is changing our society. We have a responsability to care for our elders and make them a part of our society. This project is to enable older people to tell stories, memories, experiences and to learn about their past, and our history. By listening and looking at the senior citizens, the whole of society should become aware about the culture of ageing and how to deal with it.