Chinese wedding



In June and July 2007 Fai Tao and Frances got married in London. They celebrated the occasion twice. They organised a traditional Chinese wedding and an English style ceremony.

Fai Tao and Frances were born in the UK from Chinese parents. They wanted to follow their grassroots and origins and at the same time celebrate their English culture. They both represent the second generation of Chinese in the UK. Their needs are different to those of their parents. They have different aspirations and they wanted to express their views by organising two different weddings ceremonies.

Fai and Frances think that many people don't have a sense of citizenship or a sense of belonging in the UK.

Their weddings gave them the opportunity to express what it is to be Chinese in Britain too.

This photographic work reflects the mentality of the young Anglo-Chinese londoners.

The Chinese community is one of London's oldest communities, dating back to the mid 1800's. Today over 60,000 Chinese people of diverse origin live in London. Half of these can trace their roots to Hong Kong. Others come from mainland China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.