SUDAN KIDS VISION : the apprentice photographers of the Soba School of Football

Photographic reports produced by the children of Soba IDP camp (Internally Displaced People), Khartoum, Sudan, from February to March 2006.

Produced in collaboration with Frederique Cifuentes, the Soba School of Football, and Mr Sidi Moctar, trainer and photographer.

Super U
French Cultural Centre, Khartoum
Sudanese Mothers for Peace
Project manager:
Frederique Cifuentes & Sidi Moctar
Refugee Week Radio, London
Mission Enfants 2000

The apprentice photographers of the Soba School of Football

This school of football in the refugee camp of Soba, which is located 30km south of Khartoum, welcomes children from the poorest families. An unusual and surprising gathering takes place in a schoolyard in the centre of this hot, dusty, windswept district.

Twenty or so kids dressed in a motley array of sporting kit, some with or without boots, listen attentively to their trainer/photographer Mr Sidi Moctar explaining, not a lesson on football, but, how to use a camera.

The occasion is memorable for these children aged from eight to fifteen years and marks the beginning of their “footballer-reporter” careers. This new activity offers them a rare opportunity for freedom of expression and creativity. They live confined on the fringes of society in this urban setting that is completely abandoned by the local authorities. Their families arrived in Soba from the four corners of Sudan and neighbouring states such as Eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia. Most of these people were displaced from within the borders of their own country due to conflicts in the south, the Nuba Mountains, Darfur, eastern Sudan, or due to a series of droughts during the 1980s. All the cultural and ethnic diversity of Sudan has gathered in Soba during the last fifteen years.